Illustration Gallery

3D Images

Pieris Brassicae Eggs

3D Model of Pieris Brassicae Eggs (White Butterfly)

3D Fish Scene with Elodea


3D Rendering of an Adenovirus

3D Rendering of Elodea Cell with Chloroplasts, Nucleus and Vacuole

3D Tools and Coffee

3D Model of Creative Tools

Digital Paintings

Photoshop – Lenape Legend of the Rainbow Crow

Photoshop – Macrophage engulfing Bacteria: Inspired from Macrophage photography at

Photoshop – Red-Eared Slider

Photoshop Fern

Ink and Pencil Sketches

Pen and Ink Sketch of a Scorpion

Pencil Sketch of Skull and Mice

Pen and Ink Sketch of a Sea Horse

Pencil Sketch of a Tree Frog and Friend (or Lunch…)

Roses and Butterflies

Pen and Ink Sketch of Roses and a White Butterfly

Maple Leaf Sketch

Charcoal Sketches

I hadn’t done any work in charcoal so I took a short class this summer. These are the results. I like the way this medium enables smoother shading.

Charcoal sketch, the theme is Leaving Home

Charcoal sketch of swan at the Cape May Nature Conservancy

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