Molly N. Gilmore

I’m an independent consultant with a broad range of design, software and data related skills. Much of my current work focuses on creating product interfaces that communicate and visualize data from research on human health and life sciences. This includes using bioinformatics and cheminformatics libraries and tools to create interactive web applications.

Creating interfaces that render complex scientific or technical concepts easy to understand, and interesting to view, is a type of service I’ve performed frequently for my clients. To enable optimal experiences, I create 2D and 3D illustrations and animated educational videos.

My services also include the development and delivery of technical writing and training material.

Although most of my professional experience has been in STEM fields, my original degree in French has been enormously helpful in my design work. It trained me to understand how information can be interpreted differently based on the context of use and the experiences of the audience. It also prepared me for skills in translating information both textually and visually for a diverse set of users with different levels of experience and needs.


  • Graduate Certificate – Biology (Current Student at Indiana University Online)
  • M.S. Bioinformatics
  • M.Eng in Engineering Management
  • Graduate Certificate – Quantitative Software Engineering
  • B.A. French


  • Instructional Design Foundations (Coursera)
  • Storyboarding for Animation (CG Master Academy)
  • Visual Perception and the Brain (Coursera)
  • Biomedical Imaging in 3D (CG Master Academy)
  • Genomic Data Science with Galaxy (Coursera)
  • Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression (Coursera)
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality (Coursera)

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