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Molly N. Gilmore

I am an independent consultant who specializes in the design of databases and applications used to manage, analyze, and communicate scientific data. This includes using bioinformatics and cheminformatics libraries and tools to create interactive web applications.

I am also a scientific illustrator and animator. Most of my current work focuses on wildlife/nature.


  • Graduate Certificate Biology (Current Student)
  • M.S. Bioinformatics
  • Graduate Certificate – Quantitative Software Engineering
  • M.Eng in Engineering Management
  • Diploma, Computer Programming
  • B.A. French


  • Storyboarding for Animation (CG Master Academy)
  • Visual Perception and the Brain (Coursera)
  • Instructional Design Foundations (Coursera)
  • Biomedical Imaging in 3D (CG Master Academy)
  • Genomic Data Science with Galaxy (Coursera)
  • Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression (Coursera)
  • BIOC300.1xProteins: Biology’s Workforce (RICEx)
  • Analytical Figure Drawing (CG Master Academy)

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