Blue Genes Media

Independent Instructional Designer and Natural Science Illustrator

We communicate technical and scientific information artfully!

3d image of a molecule

illustration of reactive design

Instructional Design

example of a tutorial describing vectors in the R language

Natural Science Illustration

3D illustration of a coral snake
3D illustration of an oak leaf

Intersection of Ornithology and Human Factors

color pencil drawing of a nest of birds with gape flanges

Giraffe Patches: Protection for Juveniles and Help with Thermoregulation

color pencil drawing and 3D models showing giraffes and their skin patches

Mourning Dove Dimorphism

These are drawings I made of a male and female mourning dove rendered in color pencil as part of a zoology project on mourning dove migration behavior.

color pencil drawing of mourning doves

Storyboard for the project.

storyboard showing bird migration patterns

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