3D Images

Pieris Brassicae Eggs

3D Model of Pieris Brassicae Eggs (White Butterfly)

Pine Pollination

Costa Rican Coral Snake

Pine Pollination

Costa Rican Coral Snake in Habitat

Pine Pollination

3D Model of Pine Pollination

Study of a Human Heart (ZBrush)

3D Fish Scene with Elodea


3D Rendering of an Adenovirus

3D Rendering of Elodea Cell with Chloroplasts, Nucleus and Vacuole

3D Tools and Coffee

3D Model of Creative Tools

Digital Paintings

Photoshop – Backyard Birds

Photoshop – Common Basilisk

Photoshop – American Crow

Photoshop – Storyboard page from a workshop on perspective

Ethmoid Bone

Photoshop Fern

Ink and Pencil Sketches

I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with other SciArtists to create art with a goal of educating people about the SARS-CoV-2 virus. My contribution is shown below.

CellSpace Workshop Artwork

Eye Study

Hand Held Bat

Storyboard: Nature Walk with Children

Self Portrait with Tortellini the Red-eared Slider

Color Pencil Botanical Sketches

Magnolia Leaf

Leaves in Perspective

Tree Bark Study

Leaving Home (Charcoal)

Pencil Sketch of My Daughter

Pen and Ink Sketch of a Scorpion

Quick Sketch of Skull and Mice


This image was created as part of a graduate school project to visualize the ligation reaction described in the seminal paper on DNA computing by Dr. Leonard Adleman.
DNA Ligation
These notes describe a few standard ways in which applications organize and visualize genome information.

I rendered this quick chart while I was using the R package named “Ape” to visualize Phylogenetic trees. Tree data can be structured in the Newick Standard tree format.

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